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Paul Zindel

My Darling My Hamburger

Buchbesprechung von Jasmin Zugg

About the author

Paul ZindelPaul Zindel, one of the founders of the young adult litarary genre, is a writer with a great respect for memory. He has used his own reminiscences of youth, as well as his experience as a high-school teacher.

He was born and raised in Staten Island, New York, and now lives in Manhattan. He is the author of many outstanding young adult novels, including The Pigman, a New York Times Outstanding Book and an ALA Notable Childrenís Book. He is also the author of The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man in the Moon Marigolds, winner of the 1971 Drama Desk Critics Circle Award and the 1971 Pulitzer Prize for Drama.

The plot

The book is about 4 young people . It portrays their problems, their schooltime, their conflicts with their parents and their problems with their friends. The 4 most important people are Maggie and Liz, two good friends, and Sean and Dennis, also two friends.

CoverAt the first date Maggie does not like Dennis and Dennis does not like Maggie. But the longer they are together the more they like the other. Together they go to parties and to the cinema. The other relationship between Liz and Sean is a little bit complicated. First, they hate each other, but then they begin to love each other. They begin to quarrel, they part and come together again.

But then Liz has a big problem. She is pregnant. She tells Sean about it and he wants to marry her. But Seanís father says that he cannot live his life like a young man, if he marries her. He gives her the money for the abortion and she goes to the doctor and has it done. Because of complications she dies.

My opinion

My opinion is that Sean did the wrong thing. He should not have listened to his dad, he should have done what his heart told him. And he should have stayed with her and helped her as well as he could. In my mind, another problem in this book are the parents. They are not there, when the children need them. Thee children do not trust their parents, because they do not understand the problems of the youngsters. For example, Liz could not talk to her mother, but I think she would have been very glad if she could have talked to her.

This is a nice book to read, because it is about people in our age and they have the same problems we have. It is easy to read and I think you can learn a little bit from this book. For example: Maggie helps Liz in this difficult situation, and I think she is a really good friend.


Abortion in Young Adult Literature