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Bram Stoker


Buchbesprechung von Evelyn Müller

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About the author

Bram StokerAbraham 'Bram' Stoker (1847-1912) is best remembered as the author of Dracula. Born in Marino Crescent in Clontarf, he studied at Trinity College and became a civil servant, a job that he combined with that of drama critic of The Evening Mail. From his interest in theatre sprang his lifelong friendship with the actor Henry Irving. Stoker married Oscar Wilde's former sweetheart Florence Balcombe in 1878 and moved with her to London where he became business manager of Irving's Lyceum Theatre. He supplemented his income by writing a large number of sensational novels, his most famous being the vampire tale Dracula (1897), the inspiration of countless films and plays. Other works include A Life of Irving, The Snake's Pass which was set in Ireland and The Lair of the White Worm which was filmed by Ken Russell.

The plot

Vlad TepesEverything starts when Jonathan Harker gets a letter from Count Dracula, who lives in Transylvania. The Count wants a big house and Jonathan has to find it for him. After thinking for a long time Jonathan travels to Transylvania. His journey is very long and strange. When he is at the castle, the Count welcomes him. Draculaís hands and face are white and he is dressed in black. His hands are as cold as ice. Dracula sleeps in a coffin during the day and in the night he drinks the blood of people. Very strange things happen in the castle, because vampires live there, too. When Jonathan realises that he is a prisoner of the Count, he flees from the castle. Quickly he tells the story to his wife Mina and his friend Arthur and the Professor Van Helsing. When they hear it, they decide to kill the Count. They travel to Transylvania, then they wait for Dracula. Suddenly a cart is coming to the castle. Jonathan jumps onto the cart. He pushes the coffin of the Count down onto the snow The box breaks open. There lies Count Dracula. The last light of the sun shines onto the Countís face. Jonathanís long, sharp stake is above Draculaís heart. As the stake goes through the Vampireís body, the Count gives a terrible cry. Then Arthurís knife cuts through Draculaís throat. The years of blood and fear are over.

My opinion

I like this book very much, because itís very strange and exciting and itís very easy to understand. I also saw the film about Dracula, which is also very good, but the book is better, because it exactly describes the scenes and is more gruesome than the film.


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