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Charles M. Schulz

You’ve come a long way Snoopy

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About the author

Charles M. Schulz was a commercially very successful cartoonist, who invented the adventures of Snoopy and his friends.

The plot

JazzwoodIn this book there are some typical stories of Charlie Brown’s everyday troubles. Charlie Brown is the little bit stupid boy, who does everything the wrong way.

SunriseHis dog is called Snoopy. He is more like a human than a dog. There are a lot of friends like Lucy, Linus, Peppermint Petty, Marcy, ... There’s also Woodstock, a little yellow bird, who is a good friend of Snoopy’s. Lucy is a girl who wants everything to be right. Linus is Lucy’s brother who always takes his "Schmusedecke" with him. Marcy always calls Peppermint Petty "Sir". Petty is something like a god for her. But Petty isn’t really a girl. She’s more like a boy, but she loves Charlie Brown. These are only some of Charlie Brown’s friends.

My opinion

In the book by Charles M. Schulz there are some stories where they do things like playing baseball or visiting a summer-camp and other things. It’s a really funny book and I like it very much.


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