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D. K. Swan

Robin Hood

simplified version

Buchbesprechung von Carina Mangard

The plot

Robin HoodThis book is about a man who helps all poor people, women and children. He is a great hero who takes away the money from the rich people.

This man is Robin Hood. He lives in the Greenwood. Robin Hood has got a lot of friends. One is Little John. Moreover, he is happily married with Marian. But he has got also enemies. The Sheriff of Nottingham hates Robin, so he arranges a competition in bow and arrow shooting. Robin wins this competition. But suddenly it comes to a fight and Little John is hurt by the Sheriff. So Robin Hood carries Little John on his back through the wood until they come to the castle of Sir Richard. He is a good friend of Robin and he helps them. After a while Robin and Little John go back into the Greenwood. The Sheriff wants to catch Robin, but he does not succeed. Therefore, he takes Sir Richard. The Sheriff knows that Robin will save him, and this happens, too.It again comes to a conflict between Robin and the Sheriff. But this time Robin kills him. One day the King of London visits Robin. Years later Marian and Robin die.

My opinion

The book was easy to read and very interesting.


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