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Rudyard Kipling

The Jungle Book

Buchbesprechung von Julia Klaudrat

(simplified version)

About the author

KiplingRudyard Kipling was born in 1865 in India. He spoke both Hindustani and English. At the age of six he was brought to foster parents in England. Having spent some years at a boarding school, he returned to India at age 17 and started to work at the Civil and Military Gazette of Lahore. For this paper he began to write stories and poems.

In 1889 Kipling returned to England via Japan and America. In London he enjoyed tremendous literary success with his stories about life in India. After his marriage to Caroline Balestier (1892) he spent five years in Brattleboro, Vermont, USA. As he didn't like life in the USA, he moved back to England and settled in Sussex. In 1907 Kipling became the first English writer to be awarded the Nobel Prize. After his death in 1936 his work was repeatedly criticized for propagating the view of "the white man's burden". This ideology claims that it was both the right and the responsibility of the English to "civilize" the heathen of the world. Kipling expressed this opinion most clearly in the poem The White Man's Burden (1899).

Some of his works:

  • Plain Tales from the Hills (short stories)
  • The Man who would be King (short story)
  • Barrack-Room Ballads (poems)
  • The Jungle Book
  • Kim
  • Just So Stories

The plot

The book is about a young boy, whose name is Mowgli. When Mowgli was a baby a bad tiger caught him and took him into the jungle. This tigerís name is Shere Khan. All animals in the jungle are afraid of Shere Khan. He is a man-eater and he would also have liked to eat Mowgli. But Mowgli is able to escape.

A wolf family helps Mowgli and they also take care of him now. Mowgli learns to live in the jungle. Mother wolf always tells Mowgli that he should kill Shere Khan, the tiger. Mowgliís best friends are Baloo, the sleepy bear, and Bagherra, the black panther. They help Mowgli in every situation.

But the time comes, when Mowgli should go away, because Shere Khan would like to come back to kill Mowgli. So Mowgli goes to a village to learn the peopleís language and their life style. But Shere Khan goes to the village, too. But a wolf tells Mowgli this and Mowgli makes a plan to kill the terrible tiger. Mowgli is able to kill him. Then he goes back to the jungle, because the village people think that Mowgli is bad. When mother wolf hears that Mowgli has killed the terrible tiger she is very happy. Mowgli is very glad to be in the jungle and he lives there for the rest of his life.

My opinion

This story is full of drama, and I think that it is a very good story for younger people. Especially collectors of fantasy stories have to read this book. The story shows how life in the jungle could be. Everyone has to fight for his life.


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