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Dick Francis

The Danger

Buchbesprechung von Elke Hämmerle

(simplified version)

About the author

Dick FrancisDick Francis was born in Lawrenny, South Wales in 1920. He served in the Royal Air Force for six years during World War II, piloting fighter and bomber aircraft including the Spitfire and Lancaster between 1943 and 1946. Following the war, Francis, the son of a jockey, became a celebrity in the world of British National Hunt racing. He won more than 350 races.

In 1956, when his horse suddenly collapsed a few yards from victory, Francis decided to begin a second career as a writer. He accepted an invitation to write six features for the London Sunday Express. He stayed on as the newspaper's racing correspondent for 16 years.

Sports writing soon led to fiction writing, which in turn led to a string of bestselling novels. His first, Dead Cert, was published in 1962. His 36th novel, 10 Lb. Penalty, was published in 1997. Francis was made an Officer of the most noble Order of the British Empire in 1984, and was awarded the British Crime Writers Association silver dagger in 1965, gold dagger in 1980 and Cartier diamond dagger for his life's work in 1990. The recipient of three Edgar Allen Poe Awards for Best Novel from the Mystery Writers of America, most recently for 1995's Come to Grief, Francis is the only person to have been awarded the prestigious award more than once. The Mystery Writers of America named Francis Grand Master for his life's work in 1996, and he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Tufts University in 1991.

His Books

Dead Cert Nerve For Kicks
Odds Against Flying Finish Blood Sport
Forfeit Enquiry Rat Race
Bonecrack Smokescreen Slay Ride
Knockdown High Stakes In the Frame
Risk Trial Run Whip Hand
Reflex Twice Shy Banker
The Danger Proof Break In
Bolt Hot Money The Edge
Straight Longshot Comeback
Driving Force Decider Wild Horses
Come To Grief To The Hilt 10 Lb. Penalty

The plot

This book tells the story of a man whose job it is to get victims back from their kidnappers.

In Italy, Alessia Cenci, a famous jockey, is kidnapped and it’s Andrew Douglas’s job to get her back, what he does after a few days. After this kidnapping Dominic Nerrity, a three and a half years old child, is kidnapped by the same people. Andrew has to search for him for a long time, but finally he finds Dominic and gets him back to his family. Some of the kidnappers are arrested, but not their boss. The next victim is Morgan Freemantle, a business man from the USA. But this is a very difficult case, because Andrew is kidnapped, too. But he can get free and find the hiding place of the kidnappers and their boss. Andrew calls the police. When they want to arrest the boss, they have to shoot him, because the boss takes his gun and wants to shoot Andrew.

My opinion

The book is very boring, because there is no real tension. The author tells about the kidnappings in a very boring way. There always happens the same. First the kidnapping – Andrew rescues the victim – everybody is happy. Only the end of the book is very exciting, because there a lot of interesting events happen in a short time. But it is really easy to read the book.


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