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John Escott

Double fear and other stories

Buchbesprechung von Alexander Kurz

Double Fear

Double fearThe main story is about Greg Mason, a young man who works in a shop. One day in winter he sees his doppelgaenger for the first time. Greg is afraid. He wonders where the doppelgaenger is from and what he wants to do with him. Mike, Greg's best friend, at first doesn't believe him, but when he sees the doppelgaenger he realises that this isn't Greg. Later, the doppelgaenger tells Greg that there are three other doppelgaengers of three other persons and that they aren't form this earth. On their planet they couldn't live any more so the came to the earth. Now he has to make a transfer with Greg. And after that transfer Greg wouldn't live on. Then only the doppelgaenger would live. The other three doppelgaengers have already executed the transfers with their persons. But then they all die because they don't known enough. One dies in a fire, one breaks through ice on a lake and one dies in a motorbike accident because he drives too fast. Only Greg is still himself. His doppelgaenger can't make the transfer because Greg is deaf. So he looks for another person to make the transfer and he finds one in Mike.

My opinion

The book is short and very easy to read. In my opinion the stories are only very cheap science fiction stories that could never be true. Of course there are people who could enjoy reading this book, but I didn't. Every student who has studied English for two or three years will have no problems understanding the book. If anyone wants to read this book he should do. But I can't recommend it.