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Desmond Bagley

The Enemy

(simplified version)

Buchbesprechung von Johannes Tschofen

The plot

Itís about George Ashton, who is now a Briton, but who previously was a Russian scientist. Itís also about a young man who falls in love with Georgeís daughter. The man slowly becomes a member of the family. But one day a man throws acid in the face of Georgeís other daughter and then the young man gets the job to observe and to protect George. One day George flees to Sweden with his servant Benson. And George is killed by Benson. Then the young man finds out that George had been a Russian scientist and he also finds out that a man called Lord Creager is responsible for the death of George Ashton, because he told Benson to kill Ashton if he tries to go back to the Russians. But Creager had the young manís love, Penelope Ashton and he extorted him with her and because of that everything is still not known.

My opinion

I think that this book is good for people who like reading easy detective stories. But it is far too short for people who are used to reading detective stories. The plot is too easy for people who know some stories like that. And it is too easy to see through. But I think itís a good book for people who start reading English books, because itís easy to understand.